Analisis Ekonomi Pemanfaatan Tanah Ulayat Dalam Usaha Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit (Studi Kasus : Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit di Nagari


This study examine  concern about Economics analyze   on beneficial Tanah Ulayat  on  carm Plam oil farm On states legality  of Agrarian constitution, gave a recognize of Tanah ulayat existential as owned of traditional community so the or regulation  and coordination  must be involve of Nagari (traditional) community. Cooperatives model is a relationship between local society with capital owners (investors). There is phenomena, this model create problems, where economic externality and social damage and environment farming. There’s as change of land owners specially tanah ulayat turn to  Erpacth right (hak guna usaha) for company, that would make economic disparity, un fairly on change distribution, to get plasma and in order to chouse the people that have right and not.

The goal

The goal of this study  is to analyze effectiveness rate  between plasma and cooperatives  model  with individual farm model,  analyzing comparative net income of plasma/cooperatives farmers  with   individual  farmers in order tanah ulayat. This research was done with case study  in  Nagari Lingkung Aur Kecamatan Pasaman, Pasaman (Barat). Population of the this research is the family of carm palm oil farmer.  And sample  is taken randomly  approach. The data then  was confirm to secondary source, that came  from KUD direction Officer, nagari Government and key person from adat leader. Research  result show that there is  significant  differences between net income  that plasma/cooperatives members farmers is higher get net income if we compare it with individual farmer and also plasma/cooperatives model gave  many economic  beneficial to the former and gave positive  effect to nagari economy. So research give recommendation, that  we have increasing this sector by using plasma/cooperatives model, facility by government and good condition on the nagari, the government have to work harder make the legal formal own of the land after contracts was end to traditional society that joined  on cooperatives and society understanding to group business in cooperative form. download skripsi


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